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About us

About us

Welcome to the English Express website! It has articles for low literacy readers.

On this website, you can read articles on your computer screen. You can also print articles. Would you like to listen and read along to articles? Press the listen buttons. Some articles have videos to watch too.

You can read news stories. You can read about people, animals and holidays. Try one of the recipes and laugh at the cartoons. You can print word games to do.

Teaching notes

The website has copies of Teaching Notes that go with some of the articles. Click on the menu button for teachers and tutors. Print the notes that you want to use.

Special thank you

Alberta Advanced Education and Technology wants to give a special thank you to the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald newspapers. They let us adapt their stories and use their photos on the website.

Many volunteers help with the English Express website. For example, they pose for photos. They read the stories for the website. Thank you, volunteers!

We hope that you enjoy the website!

If you have any questions about this website, please email caap@gov.ab.ca or phone Campus Alberta Awareness Programs. In Edmonton, phone: 780-427-5603. Outside Edmonton, dial 310-0000, then 780-427-5603 (toll free).

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