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February 2010

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My story

My grandpa was born in Japan in 1883. He immigrated to Brazil in 1931.

My father stayed in Japan. He stayed to look after our family and his aunt and uncle. I grew up in Japan.

My father died in 1983.

Came to Canada

I came to Canada as a tourist in 1975. My friend introduced me to my future husband, who was a farmer in Taber, Alberta.

We got married in 1977 and had one son. We mostly spoke Japanese at home.

When my husband died of cancer, I moved to Lethbridge. After that, I started to study English. I am now reading, writing and studying every week with my tutor.

Travelled to Brazil

In 2007, I went to Brazil. I visited São Paulo. My trip was for a family reunion. I have 38 cousins in Brazil.

Ayako Endo, Lethbridge

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